Day: August 5, 2017

Nepali Keyboard Layout

This is for the those who want to learn Nepali Typing but due they don’t have idea for typing nepali layout.

Here is the solution:

First you must have Nepali Font install in your computer. for eg: Preeti, Rukmini, Kunti,etc

Then Open Your Word Processing program. Eg: MS Word

Change your font name to any of Nepali font.Eg: Preeti

Now Start typing by observing Nepali Keyboard Layout.

Download Link Below:

Nepali Font Layout

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Message Trick

Hey, guys today I’m teaching you message trick.

It’s simple but very effective trick to used which force user to log off the computer.

But, don’t worry it is not harmful to the computer. Let’s try it.

Download Link Below:

Messages Trick

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