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Types of Ram with Size

Basically There are two(2) types of RAM. They are:

1) Statics

2) Dynamic

But, in the field of repairing or to say computer hardware we study that there are five(5) type of RAM. They are:


2) DDR-1 RAM

3) DDR-2 RAM

4) DDR-3 RAM

5) DDR-4 RAM ( At present tome, Not available in desktop).

So This reference notes is on the topic to know the five types of RAM. After complete study of this note we can understand, How to identify these Five(5) types of RAM and much more.

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Types of RAM

How to solve your basic computer hardware problem at home ?

‘We all know that, In computer several faults occur. We only use computer for watch movie,play games, making documentation work, presentation work,photography, , internet purpose,networking purpose, gaming purpose, etc. If someday our computer stops working we became so worried and we need to repair it. To repair computer we need technician because we don’t know the what fault came in our computer and what’s solution.

Computers fault are categorize into two way. They are: Basic Fault and Chip Level Fault.

We need real technician to solve the Chip Level Fault but we can easily solve the Basic faults of our computer.

Lets discuss on the what type of Basic Fault came in our Computer. This reference notes contains some of the Basic Fault came in computer and it’s step by step solution.

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Computer Faults

New Way Of Learning [E-Learning]

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One of the most important areas we can develop as professionals is competence in accessing and sharing knowledge. That’s why I am sharing my knowledge with you through by blog ( This blog is based on several computer related knowledge and skills. I plan to deal with both academic and technical education on several topics related to computer and ICT( Information Communication Technology ). What I need is just your support.

All reference notes will be uploaded in simple language document as well as in tutorial video also. Download the document or video and study well. I hope all the notes will help you to upgrade your skills. Don’t forget to give feedback and comment.

I already uploaded 4 reference notes on  different topics. Don’t forget to learn them too.

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About Computer and It’s Evolution

This note is based on Introduction to computer and it’s evolution. You can briefly study on history of computer it’s advantage, disadvantage, features, characters, uses, types of memory, generation of computer and their difference between, classification of the computer, etc and many more.

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