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Windows 7 Desktop Shortcut

Today let’s discuss on the shortcut key.

In every software : i.e. Application or Operating ┬áthere are several useful shortcut keys. We can’t use every shortcut keys because of we doesn’t know them fully.

Today I’m writing this post to discuss on the Windows 7 Desktop Shortcut Keys.

Below you get the reference note from which you can learn some useful Windows 7 Desktop shortcut keys.

Download Link Below:

Win 7 Shortcuts


Types of Ram with Size

Basically There are two(2) types of RAM. They are:

1) Statics

2) Dynamic

But, in the field of repairing or to say computer hardware we study that there are five(5) type of RAM. They are:


2) DDR-1 RAM

3) DDR-2 RAM

4) DDR-3 RAM

5) DDR-4 RAM ( At present tome, Not available in desktop).

So This reference notes is on the topic to know the five types of RAM. After complete study of this note we can understand, How to identify these Five(5) types of RAM and much more.

Download Link Below:

Types of RAM

Difference between IPv4 and IPv6

Let’s today discuss on difference between IPv4 and IPv6 in brief.

For Reference Note.:

Download Link Below:

IP V6 and V4

How to create WiFi Hotspot in your Computer ?

It is so easy to create WiFi Hotspot in our computer through command. But we can’t create WiFi Hotspot in Desktop Computer because it doesn’t contain Network Card.

For Reference Note:

Download Link Below:

Wifi Hotspot